About Mind-Full

Mind-Full offers schools, therapists, family wellness charities, and crisis centers tools for helping students express and articulate their emotions. The use of these tools in schools and crisis centers can increase the number of children remaining in school. In addition to reducing stress, it can help identify school-age students who need assistance. Different expressive therapeutic techniques: art, movement, music, and writing/journaling, are meant to help k-12 students cope with stress, anxiety, depression, or simply self-expression. The aim of integrative therapy is to help students articulate feelings that are difficult to express verbally and to improve their mental health.

The Mind-Full program supplies mental health practitioners and school counselors with expressive art collage kits for k-12 students. Our kits are created from recycled materials collected from community donations and schools. Mind-Full’s goal is to provide creative expression therapy solutions that are low-cost and can be done with limited resources in an environmentally friendly way.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide tools to assist kids who feel lonely, stressed, depressed or anxious with a safe space for expression through education and sustainable resources