Expressive Tools

This section focuses on the different methods of expression that relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Our thoughts, ideas, and feelings are better articulated when we use these tools. Decompressing through these expressive methods can help us combat fatigue and depression associated with stress and anxiety. If you see a negative pattern or if you find yourself heading down a dark path, this gives you the tools to find out if you need help. Don’t feel embarrassed to talk about it at school with a teacher or counselor or with your caregivers or therapists. This is for you and your growth.

Regardless of your method, there is no right or wrong way to do it. Feeling better and sorting out your emotions is what it’s all about. There are times when a combination of methods is necessary. Music is my primary source of inspiration. It’s my lifeline. In spite of this, there are times when being a music student can be stressful, especially when I am overstimulated. When that happens, art and writing help me relax and figure out what I’m feeling. I can often be found with headphones on, listening to a song that makes me feel good while drawing or writing. So try several methods.  This is your space for experimentation.

Expressive Arts Therapy

Website: Cathy Malchiodi

Collage tears

Expression through art is great way to decompress and sort through emotions. There are several methods in art expression. This site will focus mainly on collage art but will cover other methods as tips.

Collage tears

The process of writing and doodling in a journal is a very satisfying process for many of us. I know some of my best moments of clarity have come from writing and doodling. Journals do not have a hard fast rule for what they need to be.