There are a lot of creative ways to make music into an expressive project. You can do some thing a simple as creating a list of mood songs to incorporating art, dance or singing into your music project. The sky is the limit. Here are a few ideas:

Additional project samples:
1. Cutout magazine words to write lyrics for songs. You can use music sheets or just paper
2. Make an album cover that represents you now. Decorate the cover, name it and create song titles that represents your life or life experiences.
3. Make playlist of music that calms you, makes you happy, or that represents your feelings
4. Dance to music – combine music and movement!!
5. If you play and instrument, find a song that challenges you or a song that soothes you and practice it.

About the Author: Taryn Claassens
Taryn is the Founder of the Mind-Full project and passionate about all things mental health. When she is not advocating you can find her playing the violin, listening to music or making art.

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