In between sessions, I made a list of items put together in the Kits prepared for the Charity. Working off the list, while still getting donations is a bit of a fluid situation. While I had enough supplies for my kits, donations still came in and were still being collected in bins.  So I had to make a list of what I had with room to sort more types of materials.  

One of my big tasks was preparing for my second workshop for both cutting and sorting materials on April 25.  To prepare, I placed all decorative material into a large bags: flowers, shapes, butterflies, ribbon, yarn, large spangle glitter and jewels, google eyes, cards and postcards with images, tearaway calendars with inspirational sayings, buttons, leaves.  I had a list of how I wanted each item broken down, and the quantity of bags required for the number of kit boxes. I prepped my magazine cut ups bin for another cutting session. 

 Cutting and Prep Workshop April 25: 

The Workshop had 10 members who broke into mini groups. We had two main groups: packing and cutting. The cutting group continued cutting magazines and books as done in the past. I had to educate a portion of the group on cutting practices. The packing group took on larger groups of items and broke them apart into the bags that will supply the kit boxes.


  • Make sure you have been through the steps required for setting up a workshop: Secure the room, secure volunteer points for your members through team leadership. Create a sign up genius to invite team members (I organized all my dates, rooms and workshops in one sign up genius with different days to sign up).


  • Have your bins set up with supplies you want broken apart with clear directions and numbers or quantities needed.

  • Have the bags or containers you are placing the supplies in prepared ahead and available for your members to place them in (ex: mine were smaller bags with with a list).

  • Have the supplies available. Have enough scissors and category bags available for the magazine cutting. My magazines are transported in a plastic container with a lid and contain all supplies needed for cutting.

Workshop items ready to go

Workshop items ready to go

About the Author: Taryn Claassens
Taryn is the Founder of the Mind-Full project and passionate about all things mental health. When she is not advocating you can find her playing the violin, listenin