Collage art is a great way to express thoughts and articulate emotions. There are many ways to do this. Our program aims to provide tools at low cost to schools and other therapeutic environments through gathering recycled materials. We have many types of collage path’s you can use through our program – see our kit instructions for tips and prompts.

Collage Kits:

A poster-board is not necessary if you are doing this at home. Any old board is fine. A notebook or even a journal works as well. Gather a few old magazines and cut up images and words. Using the pages of a book work for blackout poetry. Instructions for this can be found on the sustainability page.
If you have access to an iPad with Procreate or free graphics design program you can even do this digitally or draw away.

Other art tools for relaxing and thinking:

  • Coloring pages
  • Painting on paper
Doodling with words


About the Author: Taryn Claassens
Taryn is the Founder of the Mind-Full project and passionate about all things mental health. When she is not advocating you can find her playing the violin, listening to music or making art.

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