With the call to supply our charity first, we started sorting and cutting earlier than planned. The is made us wise before we started our first workshop on cutting magazines and images. This post serves to document how I fast tracked some of my process to meet earlier deadlines:

Fast track version:

My guided activities required two head profiles:

* a front profile for younger kids
* a side profile for older kids

I also needed leaves for a guided activity, flowers, shapes for decoration. I used my Cricut Machine to cut these items out on card stock and construction paper. All items were recycled pieces from my supplies drive. I provided several construction paper cut outs of the front view face and one card stock version for tracing. The side profile was printed on card stock for tracing.

Budget version :

I have shape files included here for you to trace and use it to either cut them out on card stock as a template, or you can choose to cut them out in mass quantity.

If you do not have access to a cutting machine, my advice is to provide the templates for tracing and supplying construction paper in your kit. Simply download, print them on card stock and cut them out as a template that can be traced onto the poster board or on construction paper and cut out.

I recruited 4 team members to help during the spring break and even recruited family to help


An example of some of the items I cut for the guided activities.

examples of pre-cut items

Here are some of my fab volunteers helping me put together the charity kits and boxes. This process really helped me to figure out how I wanted the boxes to be and how I would organize my workshops.

About the Author: Taryn Claassens
Taryn is the Founder of the Mind-Full project and passionate about all things mental health. When she is not advocating you can find her playing the violin, listening to music or making art.