Our recycle drive began in mid March to raise supplies for our collage kits by May. We placed a recycle box at a local church in the preschool department and advertised through signs. A local community driven drive was announced in Facebook and Next Door with an overwhelming response. A further box was placed at my high school in several classroom environments with signage throughout the school. A middle school also participated in collecting supplies. Each box had 2 signs. One informed about the program, the other with supply needs in list format. The recycling boxes final collection is slated for the end of the first week of May to allow additional sorting.

porch box

An example of the social media posts that went out to advertise the recycling drive in the community. Due to the nature of the product we asked for – both local and craft type supplies, the social media channels were chosen by proximity and audience type. Facebook and NextDoor were chosen for this reason.

social media ex
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