Sorting donations was originally planned as a school volunteer activity. However, my team received an early request for supplies just as we were setting up the recycling bins. We had to improvise and do a community drive through social media. This resulted in material coming in at different times in significant quantities all at once during Spring Break. With a much smaller team consisting of 4 volunteers plus a very harassed parent, we managed to break the material selection into piles of like items.

However, consider the following:

  • Weight of poster board vs materials used – what are you using as the base for the collage?

  • What type of supplies will you provide with your boxes to help attach items?

  • Glue should be non toxic – will you use Elmer’s glue, glue sticks? How will you attach material?

  • Keep in mind the limits of the activity, and the age and dexterity of the students

  • Remember, counselors are often not art teachers and activities should be self explanatory


Sorting items


Here are few images of the mess we had to sort through since donations were coming in fast. Note that the table downstairs in the picture above was a cutting station

Here is our organized material. Much easier to work with. I suggest organizing things by category