Like collages, they are anything you want them to be. For example: magazine cut outs, pictures you have taken, items you have collected, papers laying around can all be glued into the pages of literally anything you decide to use. Then you can write words, thoughts, poems, doodles, stories, or process what happened like a diary entry…anything. You can paint, draw, scribble or just glue in text from an old book or school work, music sheets, or magazine. You can choose to use black out poetry or found poetry methods to create a poem or thought process with your text from books or magazines. Journals can be your own private collage and writing space combination.

Here are some create resources on both how to create a journal if you want to make your own. Remember, you can use an old journal or notebook. It doesn’t have to be fancy, expensive or difficult to make.

From a notebook
From Anything
About the Author: Taryn Claassens
Taryn is the Founder of the Mind-Full project and passionate about all things mental health. When she is not advocating you can find her playing the violin, listening to music or making art.